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Subway Series with an Alternate Train

It’s the morning of the start to the 2008 Subway Series,
marking the 12th season the cross-town rivals have been taking part in the interleague matchup.  This time, however, there is a totally different feel around the series.  What’s typically a time filled with excitement, there’s only frustration and disappointment coming from the fans of both the Mets and Yankees.

Entering today, the Yankees are found in last place of the AL East at 20-22 and the Mets are third in the NL East at 20-19.  To say these two teams are underachieving would be quite the under statement.  Basically this weekend is what the paper exactly reads; a matchup between two teams who are no better than mediocre ball clubs.

As a Mets fan, the only juice I find going into this series is that the Yankees are in last.  That provides a small smile to my face when looking over the AL, but at the end of the day my team is playing like absolute garbage, so I’m not smiling the moment I move to the NL.

The Subway Series is and always will be a series that means a lot to me.  I’m only 20 years old, so I grew up as a Mets fan with a large crowd of clueless and pompous Yankees fans around me every day of my life it feels.  So yeah, I have some issues with the Yankees, mainly because of some of their jackass fans I’ve dealt with over the years (I don’t mean all Yankees fans, so don’t be mad).  It meant a lot to me in 1997 when Dave Milicki threw a complete-game shutout at Yankee Stadium in the first ever Subway Series game.  I always want the Mets to beat the Yankees, just because I want to be able to say to a Yankees fan “hey, my team was better than your’s this weekend”, mainly because that does nothing but aggravate them to the point where they start bickering in a senseless matter.

This year, unfortunately, we may not see very good baseball being played.  Neither team is living up to expectations, with a large credit going to the fact that each team has an inept offense.

So while in the past I may have been hoping to say to a Yankees fan “my team was better this weekend”, I guess this year, at least based on the first six weeks, what’s on the line in this three-game series is being able to say “hey, at least my team wasn’t as lousy as your’s this weekend”.