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Jose Reyes Needs to Get Hot

It may be the most apparent statement in regards to the Mets, but without a doubt, Jose Reyes desperately needs to get himself on a bit of a hot streak to pull this team out of the current disaster.

Reyes02.jpgJose Reyes has basically been on the down side since around the All-Star break last season, or you could say since Willie Randolph publicly embarrassed him after not leaving the box in a game only a few days before the All-Star break.  Since that time, Jose’s numbers have been way down, and it’s become more and more clear that when he goes, this team goes, and this team is very, very dangerous then.  But lately, for about 115 games now, he hasn’t gone anywhere.

The best string of games Reyes has put together this season was from April 15 through 19, in which he went 10-for-23 with six runs scored over the five game span.  And oh yeah, the Mets were 5-0 then. 

As far as the entire season goes, the Mets are 15-2 and when Reyes scores.  That is quite a number, considering they’re a disgustingly-awful 5-17 when he doesn’t score.  Then out of the 11 multi-hit games Reyes has had this season, the Mets are 9-2.  It’s ridiculous how good this team is record wise when Reyes does something as little as score or scatter a couple of hits.  So while all this team we’ve been putting the blame on Willie Randolph and Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran and so on, maybe the guy who should get the most blame is Jose Reyes.

It’s clear that this team is tremendous when he scores, the numbers make it clear up there.  So somehow Jose Reyes needs to realize this.  I’m not saying he needs to put together two weeks where he hits .460 and scores 13 runs in that time.  All I’m looking for is some consistent baseball out of the shortstop.  I don’t think it’s much to ask for.  I don’t want to see this clueless ballplayer who stops at second and then decides to try and outrun the shortstop to third base, and then oh yeah, doesn’t even slide into the bag.  And maybe it’s so frustrating to the fans because we know the type of player he can be, it doesn’t just disappear at this young of an age.  I miss the guy that’s running all over the place, make incredible plays and is basically an unstoppable force in baseball.  Because that’s what he was in 2006 and the first half of 2007.  He also makes this team very, very dangerous.  At some point Jose Reyes has to realize he is the key to the Mets.