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Mets Fire Willie Randolph

Well about 12 hours after it all happened, I’m finally able to bring myself to comment of the end of the disastrous saga that was ongoing with the Mets.

Around 3:15 EST this morning, Omar Minaya played “grim reaper” giving news to Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto that they were no longer part of the organization.

Now I’ll try to break this down mainly on Willie’s part.  I find it a little ridiculous that he had to go all the way out to California and be told once he got back to the hotel after a game which the team won.  Also I find it a little bizarre that now after winning three of four, and with the loss being in a game the team fought back, that he’s getting the axe.

All this craziness started back in May when the team started slipping with the series against the Nationals, followed by an awful series with the Braves and a tough time in Colorado.  After bouncing back following the original meeting with the Wilpons, the Mets once again stumbled in San Diego, with the bullpen losing three of the four games.

With returning home, it could be argued that Mets could’ve won all six games.  The bullpen blew the first game, Wagner blew the second loss and then in the first game on Sunday’s doubleheader they left a ton of runners on base in a comeback that came up short.

It’s unfortunate that Willie lost his job for his players fully underachieving.  I feel that with all that happened last September, the majority of this team quit on Willie.  I’m not gonna sit here and call out certain guys, but there was too much of senseless baseball going on from a team that uses to show a lot of energy.

Willie leaves with a 302-253 record, including the best season record since 1986.  Much criticism came to Willie that he wasn’t “lighting a fire” under this team, but I feel Willie was very good in reaching out to his players, I just think this team absolutely gave up on him as their guy.

Jerry Manuel will take over on an interim basis.  Manuel was AL Manager of the Year in 2000 while with the Chicago White Sox.  The White Sox also had the best record in baseball that season.  It’s hard to think that there will be anything different with handling this team with Manuel running things, as he’s always seemed a lot like Willie.  We’ll see, only time will tell.

I feel bad for Willie, I really do.  But Willie is gonna be okay.  After some time home with family, he’ll start feeling better about himself, especially with getting away from this mess.  But Mets fans, I don’t know if I can say we’ll be okay.  This organization has baffled me so many times in my lifetime, and I’m only 20.  I thought we were passed these poor handled moves from the front office, but it’s clear that’s not the case.  I’m not saying this season is over, but there’s still a cloud around this team.  It’s hard for me to say we’re past the worst from the 25 guys who wear the uniform.