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David Wright Speaks

When questioning the Mets lack of desire and fire, I don’t think any Mets fans is factoring David Wright into that mix.  Released this morning was a very good article by Marty Noble on MLB.com.  Wright spoke out a bit, saying things that are entirely true…


“I can accept losing, not easily, but every team
loses here and there. But to go out and give the effort we’re giving,
to go out and lose without a fight …”

“I just don’t think we have the fire I would hope we’d have.”

“The problem, isn’t there or in there (the manager or coaches). … The problem is with us, in here.”

“Losing like this, I hope, would ruin their nights.”

Good for David for speaking his mind.  Everyone has been saying this.  It’s been something I’ve been saying pretty much every day on here, and if you look anywhere else, whether its SNY, WFAN, Metsblog.com, the Mets fan on the corner, they all say the same thing.  And now Wright’s saying it.  I hope this message gets out to his teammates.

This is why you gotta respect Wright and then the guys like Wagner and Church and Maine.  These guys care.  Right now it’s very much in question about the rest of them.  And this has kinda come up twice now in the last seven days with guys within questioning this team.  It’s ridiculous that they didn’t wake up the first time it happened.

Wright is 100 percent right in everything he said.  This team is missing all that.  And they need to realize it.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but Willie Randolph WILL lose his job if this team doesn’t wake up.  I said it last night that someone has to step up.  I’m glad Wright said what he said, but obviously Wright isn’t the problem.  I don’t need to start mentioning any names, because there’s way too many to mention.

I’m truthfully aggravated beyond belief this morning.  Wright’s comments didn’t necessarily put me in a good mood, but it had to be said.

There’s a gap here.  It’s becoming apparent that it’s more that just on the field, the problems are coming from within as well.  You can only hope for change of tone in the near future, because if not, heads are gonna roll and this team will be in for a long, dreadful summer.