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Wagner’s Comments

After yesterday’s 1-0 loss to the Nationals, Billy Wagner was approached by reporters.  Wagner is typically a reliable guy to get quotes from, and yesterday Wagner snapped a bit.  He had the following to say:

wagner.JPG“Can somebody tell me why the (bleep) the closer being interviewed and
I didn’t even play, while they’re over there not getting interviewed? I
get it, they’re gone. (Bleeping) shocker.”

Wagner’s comments take a shot right at some players, and from what all signs point to, this time it’s Carlos Delgado.  Delgado, after putting up another hitless day (gee, some surprise that is) apparently fled the clubhouse quickly before the media showed.  But good for Billy Wagner.  He’s gonna say what’s necessary.  I can never known Wagner for not taking the heat, as he’s always standing there holding his head up after a disaster.  But the problem is he’s one of the few that do this.

As I left yesterday’s game – in pure rage – I said to my Dad that somebody in this clubhouse needs to step up, someone other than Billy Wagner.  Well it was Wagner speaking again before someone else.  But it’s gotta be someone other than the guy who we only see every two or three games that is trying to get this lifeless team upbeat.  What Wagner did yesterday I felt was good, and even a bit necessary.  Chances are this merits another behind-doors meeting with Willie Randolph, like after the Oliver Perez comments on April 30, in which he’ll be told to keep things “in house”.  But whatever, truthfully I’d like to see the anger and frustration Wagner showed after the game by the guys who take the field every day.