Orange and Blue Circus

Tuesday’s disaster is no way has gotten behind the New York Mets.

When you hoped the crazy day of the organization could just have
reached its end with the 5pm press conference, last night’s loss to the
Angels started with Jerry Manuel and his superstar player, Jose Reyes,
getting into an on-field disagreement on the first play of the game.
From there, the newest era of Mets baseball looked just as bleak as the
old, with sloppy play and unenthusiastic offense.

you wake up today and you see the New York papers labeling the Mets as
a “disgrace” or a “joke”. The New York Post even went as far as placing
a clown nose on Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya.

While now the news is more than a day old, there’s still a very bad
feeling among the Mets. I feel more and more will begin to come out
regarding the front office of this team, mainly regarding Jeff Wilpon
and Tony Bernazard. And I think it’ll be a good bet that nothing good

Omar had his spin on how this was “his” decision, and he sold it
well, but it’s still hard to buy. I do believe he made the final call,
but I also believe he was sat down in a room on Sunday at some point
during the double header, and in a room of four with him, the Wilpons
and Bernazard, I think it was three against one. Now I don’t think he
was told he must fire Willie, but I think he was starting to get the
hint he was the only supporter.

But let’s be real, if you needed a real example on what the problem
is regarding this team, last night’s game was perfect. Willie Randolph
not having enough “fire” wasn’t the issue for the poor play. A change
was obviously needed, but it’s a change within the players. There’s
gotta be some guy on that 25-man roster that stands up and makes it
clear that people have to start getting the job done. Then, and only
then, will this team succeed.

You can change manager, coaches, whatever… they can’t help out this mess of a mentality the ball club has.

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