What a Disaster

While 2007 was “the choke”, 2008 has so far been “the mess”.

Every game seems to be a new form of torture provided by the Mets.  After being on a roll and winning seven of nine, the Mets have dropped six of seven.  And when you really think about it, they should be on a four-game winning streak.  But what this season has been about is finding ways to lose.


I’m a total loss as a fan.  I try to find ways of being optimistic, but it’s hard.  Every day I’m
basically saying “it can’t get any worse from here”, but it does.  After Thursday’s loss, me
and every other Mets fan were saying
that was the worst one yet.  I feel like we’ve said that about a dozen times this season.

Thankfully Wednesday’s game turned out to be a win with Beltran’s homer, but it still felt awful.  I’m typically the guy always pumped, jumping up and down screaming, when there’s a walk-off.  But on Wednesday, after losing Pelfrey’s gem and ending up in the 13th inning, it was a dejected victory.

I don’t blame Willie, and I really may be one of the final few who actually support the guy.  I really just feel bad for him.  This team is only proving to be more and more inept the deeper into the season we go.

And early this season, there were definitely things that happened during games that frustrated the fans, but this team wasn’t completely dropping dead from every bad thing that went on.  Now, since that four-game series against the Nationals at Shea, if something goes wrong, this team is basically shot dead.  There’s no fight.  I don’t know how many times I have to say this.

So with 29 games until the All-Star break, and 97 games remaining on the season, it’s time to try the “shake it up” effect.  You can’t really do it by cutting players, because they just don’t have anything to fill in more holes.  And I really don’t think it’s firing Willie and promoting say Jerry Manual.  I feel that way for two reason; 1) it doesn’t change anything and 2) I don’t think anyone on the current staff could be a good manager.  So my thought?  Fire the staff.  Do what was done in 1999 again.  Fire them from Rick Peterson and down.  You can’t say they’ve been helping.  And by doing this, you’re making it clear to players that they need to turn it around, and you’re sending a message to your manager.  I’d basically clean out the staff today and tell Willie he has until the All-Star break to at least start turning this around.

I want to see the Mets go 21-8 before the break.  This team hasn’t been on an extended streak in about two years now.  A very loud message needs to be sent through the Mets organization, because right now nobody seems to get it.

It’s time for a change.  You’d be foolish to think things can be kept the way they are, considering the way things are now is currently a failed operation.  Failure doesn’t work anywhere, especially New York.


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