Driving Home into a Brick Wall

Yikes.  And I mean yikes.  The move forward seemed to be taking place.  But what happened?  The San Diego Padres, the team who had the worst NL record when this series began, just swept four games right away from the Mets.  Damn.

The first three games of this series it felt like a the New York Mets version of a Twilight Zone episode.  2-1, 2-1, 2-1.  One game ended with a walk-off HBP, in an inning that featured three walks to load up the bases.  And then another came on a walk-off homer in a ballpark that’s very hard to hit home runs.  The Sunday’s game, 8-6, was a very tough defeat.

The ex-Met Tony Clark was the source of Sunday evening’s nightmare.  With Billy Wagner coming in for a four out save, after seeming to be squeezed on a strike three call, Clark crushed a home run all the way to dead center.  Ball game.  Ouch.

Gary Cohen said it best after the game, “what the heck is going on here?”

So all that good has basically been wiped away.  Entering with the second game of the series vs. the Marlins at Shea, the Mets were three games under.  Now with all the play that was being labeled as “newly inspiring” from this group, has gone to waste, they’re two games under .500.

Maybe they just need to get off the West Coast.  It is kinda crazy that this is three times in a row now they’re road trips have ended up in the rockies or even more west.  But all they’re coming home to is a three games series with the pitchers being Brandon Webb, Micah Owings and Danny Harren.  That’s like a mean joke.  The Mets will counter with John Maine, Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana.

It is very early Monday morning right now, about 4am on the East Coast (yes, it’s a shame that I’m awake), but expect much of the talk to be regarding Willie Randolph’s job once you get to Boomer and Carton and then Benigno and Roberts on the FAN.  Luckily my early glancings at the Daily News don’t seem to have much mention of Willie.  I know I’ve said before it’s not his fault, but more than ever this weekend was not his fault.  He put his team in situations to win the game four days in a row, and they didn’t win once.

Wednesday afternoon we were saying what a difference a week makes.  Well, what a difference a weekend makes.

This isn’t a matter of something major needing to happen, there’s no major overhaul necessary at the moment.  All that has to happen is this team needs to figure out ways to win ball games.


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