Since I’ve Been Gone

Well unfortunately I’ve had a bit of a lay off here, things have gotten a bit hectic.  But as I’ve been gone the Mets have had a seemingly good road trip, although the record only shows 2-2 thus far.  The good news is with three remaining, Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez will be on the mound for two.

I was at Sunday night’s game against the Dodgers, my first game since the debacle of May 20.  Let me tell you, this was a team on a mission that night.  I made a note in my Sunday morning post that I felt Santana would throw a tremendous game, and indeed he did, going 7-2/3 only allowing five hits and one run.  But as a whole there was just a certain level on intensity that the Mets were bringing that we haven’t seen outside of that home stand,

The road trip started off poorly, with an extremely underwhelming performance from Oliver Perez.  Perez got just one out and was tagged for six runs.  It was ugly, definitely the ugliest.  And now Perez has been mostly terrible starts all season.  Outside of a few good ones, he’s been bad.  And if he hasn’t been bad the whole way through, he’s been bad for at least one inning before making his exit.  Something has to be straightened out with him, and it has to happen soon.

Tuesday and Wednesday we finally got to celebrate St. Pedro’s Day followed by the Maine Event.  To no surprise the two guys capt.726ed7a03e894cc8ad4986b709610a1d.mets_giants_baseball_fxpb118.jpg
who are winners helped the Mets to a win.  It was great seeing Pedro out there on Tuesday, seeming very healthy.  He even stretched himself out by throwing 109 pitches and even hitting 92 on the gun.  Excellent job by Pedro and it seems like he’ll be a weapon as long as he stays healthy.  Then John Maine did his thing again, seeming to be totally in control, despite one tough error behind him.  Maine’s been great.  In his Mets career, their record is 38-25 when he takes the mound.  Outstanding, and surprisingly that the best winning percentage the Mets have for any pitcher in their history.

My final note will be Jose Reyes.  The man has been hot.  Even though they lost tonight, the only run of the game was a total Jose Reyes run.  His inspiring play has definitely lead to a newly inspired Mets team.  Have to be happy about that, Mets fans.

Well Johan will be on the mound tonight, wayyyy late.  I guess it still kinda feels like post-night of a tough loss against the Pads.  I trust that the Johan will get us back on track.


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