Now We’re Playing Baseball!

Mets fans have been waiting a long time this season for the Mets to start playing with some intensity.  Well after all the issues have been put behind, the Mets have won four of five, and have shown the comeback ability as of late.

Twice so far on this home stand they’ve done something which they only did once all year so far, and that’s come back when trailing after six innings.  And then the only game they lost (Friday against the Dodgers) was a night they came back two separate times, only to have Aaron Heilman give the game up after a bad call at first base.  Even with the loss this team clearly did not put themselves down.

Saturday seemed like it may have been another one of those days.  The first run for the Dodgers scored on a dropped catch by Jose Reyes.  Chad Billinglsey then shut down the Mets offense for seven innings.  And so many times this year when a starter has shut down the Mets and we’ve passed that six inning point, they just seemed to turn off the light switch.  Not this time.  With Jonathan Broxton on in relief, the Mets started it again.  David Wright lead it off with a double and then Carlos Beltran belted a two-run homer to tie it.  Just like that the Mets were back and this game seemed to be theres.  The Beltran homer was great, because Carlos has been coming up a bit shy in the big spots, as has everyone.  But it was good for Beltran to come through with one swing.  It continued with Carlos Delgado getting a single and then being pinch run for with Nick Evans.  Sacrifice bunt, intentional walk, Fernando Tatis single- the Mets are now up 3-2.  Then obviously Enter Sandman and exit Dodgers.  Great win.

That was a huge one for the Mets to get yesterday because now you have Johan Santana taking the mound tonight trying to cap off a great home stand which he started back on Tuesday.  The Mets get to send their ace out there trying to finish the Shea stop at 5-2, and create some serious momentum going out to San Francisco with the one and only Pedro Martinez waiting to take the mound on Tuesday.

It’s good timing for the Mets to get hot right now.  Yes, they’re headed out west, but it’s against two very weak teams in the Giants and Padres.  No Tim Lincecum for the Giants (he pitches today) and no Jake Peavy or Chris Young for the Padres (both on the DL).

Tonight I have a very good feeling for Johan Santana.  National game, a chance for his team to gain some serious heat, and of course being on the mound in front of what should be a rockin’ crowd at Shea.  He should be ready to rock.  I will be part of that rockin’ crowd, as I have myself another Sunday game.  I always like the Sunday night games once the weather is nice out.  There’s usually a very good atmosphere in the stadium, especially when your team is winning.  And coming off the past few victories the Mets have had, I expect a tremendous group out at Shea.

Let’s Go Mets!


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