Early Afternoon Notes

Well it’s nice to be waking up the night after a victory.  It’s been a rarity lately.  So with the heat being off the Mets for at least a few more hours, I have a few notes to pass along on this Wednesday.

Pedro Martinez will make a rehab start in Single-A Port St. Lucie tonight.  If all goes well Pedro expects to rejoin the Mets in San Francisco in order to start Tuesday night.

If you missed it, Matt Wise is back on the 15-day DL, leading to Carlos Muniz getting the call once again.  There was some speculation that Aaron Heilman may be sent down to Triple-A, but with Wise on the DL that seems unlikely now.

Ryan Church fortunately has no brain damage, as results came back negative from his visit with a neurologist yesterday.  However it is still unknown as to when Church will be OK to play.

Marlon Anderson, who was placed on the 15-day DL over the weekend after injuring his hamstring, turns out to have a torn hamstring.  Anderson says he can walk now but cannot run.

The Mets currently aren’t getting much love on the NL All-Star ballot, as no Met is in the lead at their respective position as of today.  I have a good feeling this is because of the large amount of frustrated fans in the first two months of the season.  Maybe things will change.


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