Orange and Blue Circus

Tuesday’s disaster is no way has gotten behind the New York Mets.

When you hoped the crazy day of the organization could just have
reached its end with the 5pm press conference, last night’s loss to the
Angels started with Jerry Manuel and his superstar player, Jose Reyes,
getting into an on-field disagreement on the first play of the game.
From there, the newest era of Mets baseball looked just as bleak as the
old, with sloppy play and unenthusiastic offense.

you wake up today and you see the New York papers labeling the Mets as
a “disgrace” or a “joke”. The New York Post even went as far as placing
a clown nose on Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya.

While now the news is more than a day old, there’s still a very bad
feeling among the Mets. I feel more and more will begin to come out
regarding the front office of this team, mainly regarding Jeff Wilpon
and Tony Bernazard. And I think it’ll be a good bet that nothing good

Omar had his spin on how this was “his” decision, and he sold it
well, but it’s still hard to buy. I do believe he made the final call,
but I also believe he was sat down in a room on Sunday at some point
during the double header, and in a room of four with him, the Wilpons
and Bernazard, I think it was three against one. Now I don’t think he
was told he must fire Willie, but I think he was starting to get the
hint he was the only supporter.

But let’s be real, if you needed a real example on what the problem
is regarding this team, last night’s game was perfect. Willie Randolph
not having enough “fire” wasn’t the issue for the poor play. A change
was obviously needed, but it’s a change within the players. There’s
gotta be some guy on that 25-man roster that stands up and makes it
clear that people have to start getting the job done. Then, and only
then, will this team succeed.

You can change manager, coaches, whatever… they can’t help out this mess of a mentality the ball club has.

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Mets Fire Willie Randolph

Well about 12 hours after it all happened, I’m finally able to bring myself to comment of the end of the disastrous saga that was ongoing with the Mets.

Around 3:15 EST this morning, Omar Minaya played “grim reaper” giving news to Willie Randolph, Rick Peterson and Tom Nieto that they were no longer part of the organization.

Now I’ll try to break this down mainly on Willie’s part.  I find it a little ridiculous that he had to go all the way out to California and be told once he got back to the hotel after a game which the team won.  Also I find it a little bizarre that now after winning three of four, and with the loss being in a game the team fought back, that he’s getting the axe.

All this craziness started back in May when the team started slipping with the series against the Nationals, followed by an awful series with the Braves and a tough time in Colorado.  After bouncing back following the original meeting with the Wilpons, the Mets once again stumbled in San Diego, with the bullpen losing three of the four games.

With returning home, it could be argued that Mets could’ve won all six games.  The bullpen blew the first game, Wagner blew the second loss and then in the first game on Sunday’s doubleheader they left a ton of runners on base in a comeback that came up short.

It’s unfortunate that Willie lost his job for his players fully underachieving.  I feel that with all that happened last September, the majority of this team quit on Willie.  I’m not gonna sit here and call out certain guys, but there was too much of senseless baseball going on from a team that uses to show a lot of energy.

Willie leaves with a 302-253 record, including the best season record since 1986.  Much criticism came to Willie that he wasn’t “lighting a fire” under this team, but I feel Willie was very good in reaching out to his players, I just think this team absolutely gave up on him as their guy.

Jerry Manuel will take over on an interim basis.  Manuel was AL Manager of the Year in 2000 while with the Chicago White Sox.  The White Sox also had the best record in baseball that season.  It’s hard to think that there will be anything different with handling this team with Manuel running things, as he’s always seemed a lot like Willie.  We’ll see, only time will tell.

I feel bad for Willie, I really do.  But Willie is gonna be okay.  After some time home with family, he’ll start feeling better about himself, especially with getting away from this mess.  But Mets fans, I don’t know if I can say we’ll be okay.  This organization has baffled me so many times in my lifetime, and I’m only 20.  I thought we were passed these poor handled moves from the front office, but it’s clear that’s not the case.  I’m not saying this season is over, but there’s still a cloud around this team.  It’s hard for me to say we’re past the worst from the 25 guys who wear the uniform.

What a Disaster

While 2007 was “the choke”, 2008 has so far been “the mess”.

Every game seems to be a new form of torture provided by the Mets.  After being on a roll and winning seven of nine, the Mets have dropped six of seven.  And when you really think about it, they should be on a four-game winning streak.  But what this season has been about is finding ways to lose.


I’m a total loss as a fan.  I try to find ways of being optimistic, but it’s hard.  Every day I’m
basically saying “it can’t get any worse from here”, but it does.  After Thursday’s loss, me
and every other Mets fan were saying
that was the worst one yet.  I feel like we’ve said that about a dozen times this season.

Thankfully Wednesday’s game turned out to be a win with Beltran’s homer, but it still felt awful.  I’m typically the guy always pumped, jumping up and down screaming, when there’s a walk-off.  But on Wednesday, after losing Pelfrey’s gem and ending up in the 13th inning, it was a dejected victory.

I don’t blame Willie, and I really may be one of the final few who actually support the guy.  I really just feel bad for him.  This team is only proving to be more and more inept the deeper into the season we go.

And early this season, there were definitely things that happened during games that frustrated the fans, but this team wasn’t completely dropping dead from every bad thing that went on.  Now, since that four-game series against the Nationals at Shea, if something goes wrong, this team is basically shot dead.  There’s no fight.  I don’t know how many times I have to say this.

So with 29 games until the All-Star break, and 97 games remaining on the season, it’s time to try the “shake it up” effect.  You can’t really do it by cutting players, because they just don’t have anything to fill in more holes.  And I really don’t think it’s firing Willie and promoting say Jerry Manual.  I feel that way for two reason; 1) it doesn’t change anything and 2) I don’t think anyone on the current staff could be a good manager.  So my thought?  Fire the staff.  Do what was done in 1999 again.  Fire them from Rick Peterson and down.  You can’t say they’ve been helping.  And by doing this, you’re making it clear to players that they need to turn it around, and you’re sending a message to your manager.  I’d basically clean out the staff today and tell Willie he has until the All-Star break to at least start turning this around.

I want to see the Mets go 21-8 before the break.  This team hasn’t been on an extended streak in about two years now.  A very loud message needs to be sent through the Mets organization, because right now nobody seems to get it.

It’s time for a change.  You’d be foolish to think things can be kept the way they are, considering the way things are now is currently a failed operation.  Failure doesn’t work anywhere, especially New York.

Driving Home into a Brick Wall

Yikes.  And I mean yikes.  The move forward seemed to be taking place.  But what happened?  The San Diego Padres, the team who had the worst NL record when this series began, just swept four games right away from the Mets.  Damn.

The first three games of this series it felt like a the New York Mets version of a Twilight Zone episode.  2-1, 2-1, 2-1.  One game ended with a walk-off HBP, in an inning that featured three walks to load up the bases.  And then another came on a walk-off homer in a ballpark that’s very hard to hit home runs.  The Sunday’s game, 8-6, was a very tough defeat.

The ex-Met Tony Clark was the source of Sunday evening’s nightmare.  With Billy Wagner coming in for a four out save, after seeming to be squeezed on a strike three call, Clark crushed a home run all the way to dead center.  Ball game.  Ouch.

Gary Cohen said it best after the game, “what the heck is going on here?”

So all that good has basically been wiped away.  Entering with the second game of the series vs. the Marlins at Shea, the Mets were three games under.  Now with all the play that was being labeled as “newly inspiring” from this group, has gone to waste, they’re two games under .500.

Maybe they just need to get off the West Coast.  It is kinda crazy that this is three times in a row now they’re road trips have ended up in the rockies or even more west.  But all they’re coming home to is a three games series with the pitchers being Brandon Webb, Micah Owings and Danny Harren.  That’s like a mean joke.  The Mets will counter with John Maine, Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana.

It is very early Monday morning right now, about 4am on the East Coast (yes, it’s a shame that I’m awake), but expect much of the talk to be regarding Willie Randolph’s job once you get to Boomer and Carton and then Benigno and Roberts on the FAN.  Luckily my early glancings at the Daily News don’t seem to have much mention of Willie.  I know I’ve said before it’s not his fault, but more than ever this weekend was not his fault.  He put his team in situations to win the game four days in a row, and they didn’t win once.

Wednesday afternoon we were saying what a difference a week makes.  Well, what a difference a weekend makes.

This isn’t a matter of something major needing to happen, there’s no major overhaul necessary at the moment.  All that has to happen is this team needs to figure out ways to win ball games.

Since I’ve Been Gone

Well unfortunately I’ve had a bit of a lay off here, things have gotten a bit hectic.  But as I’ve been gone the Mets have had a seemingly good road trip, although the record only shows 2-2 thus far.  The good news is with three remaining, Johan Santana and Pedro Martinez will be on the mound for two.

I was at Sunday night’s game against the Dodgers, my first game since the debacle of May 20.  Let me tell you, this was a team on a mission that night.  I made a note in my Sunday morning post that I felt Santana would throw a tremendous game, and indeed he did, going 7-2/3 only allowing five hits and one run.  But as a whole there was just a certain level on intensity that the Mets were bringing that we haven’t seen outside of that home stand,

The road trip started off poorly, with an extremely underwhelming performance from Oliver Perez.  Perez got just one out and was tagged for six runs.  It was ugly, definitely the ugliest.  And now Perez has been mostly terrible starts all season.  Outside of a few good ones, he’s been bad.  And if he hasn’t been bad the whole way through, he’s been bad for at least one inning before making his exit.  Something has to be straightened out with him, and it has to happen soon.

Tuesday and Wednesday we finally got to celebrate St. Pedro’s Day followed by the Maine Event.  To no surprise the two guys capt.726ed7a03e894cc8ad4986b709610a1d.mets_giants_baseball_fxpb118.jpg
who are winners helped the Mets to a win.  It was great seeing Pedro out there on Tuesday, seeming very healthy.  He even stretched himself out by throwing 109 pitches and even hitting 92 on the gun.  Excellent job by Pedro and it seems like he’ll be a weapon as long as he stays healthy.  Then John Maine did his thing again, seeming to be totally in control, despite one tough error behind him.  Maine’s been great.  In his Mets career, their record is 38-25 when he takes the mound.  Outstanding, and surprisingly that the best winning percentage the Mets have for any pitcher in their history.

My final note will be Jose Reyes.  The man has been hot.  Even though they lost tonight, the only run of the game was a total Jose Reyes run.  His inspiring play has definitely lead to a newly inspired Mets team.  Have to be happy about that, Mets fans.

Well Johan will be on the mound tonight, wayyyy late.  I guess it still kinda feels like post-night of a tough loss against the Pads.  I trust that the Johan will get us back on track.

Now We’re Playing Baseball!

Mets fans have been waiting a long time this season for the Mets to start playing with some intensity.  Well after all the issues have been put behind, the Mets have won four of five, and have shown the comeback ability as of late.

Twice so far on this home stand they’ve done something which they only did once all year so far, and that’s come back when trailing after six innings.  And then the only game they lost (Friday against the Dodgers) was a night they came back two separate times, only to have Aaron Heilman give the game up after a bad call at first base.  Even with the loss this team clearly did not put themselves down.

Saturday seemed like it may have been another one of those days.  The first run for the Dodgers scored on a dropped catch by Jose Reyes.  Chad Billinglsey then shut down the Mets offense for seven innings.  And so many times this year when a starter has shut down the Mets and we’ve passed that six inning point, they just seemed to turn off the light switch.  Not this time.  With Jonathan Broxton on in relief, the Mets started it again.  David Wright lead it off with a double and then Carlos Beltran belted a two-run homer to tie it.  Just like that the Mets were back and this game seemed to be theres.  The Beltran homer was great, because Carlos has been coming up a bit shy in the big spots, as has everyone.  But it was good for Beltran to come through with one swing.  It continued with Carlos Delgado getting a single and then being pinch run for with Nick Evans.  Sacrifice bunt, intentional walk, Fernando Tatis single- the Mets are now up 3-2.  Then obviously Enter Sandman and exit Dodgers.  Great win.

That was a huge one for the Mets to get yesterday because now you have Johan Santana taking the mound tonight trying to cap off a great home stand which he started back on Tuesday.  The Mets get to send their ace out there trying to finish the Shea stop at 5-2, and create some serious momentum going out to San Francisco with the one and only Pedro Martinez waiting to take the mound on Tuesday.

It’s good timing for the Mets to get hot right now.  Yes, they’re headed out west, but it’s against two very weak teams in the Giants and Padres.  No Tim Lincecum for the Giants (he pitches today) and no Jake Peavy or Chris Young for the Padres (both on the DL).

Tonight I have a very good feeling for Johan Santana.  National game, a chance for his team to gain some serious heat, and of course being on the mound in front of what should be a rockin’ crowd at Shea.  He should be ready to rock.  I will be part of that rockin’ crowd, as I have myself another Sunday game.  I always like the Sunday night games once the weather is nice out.  There’s usually a very good atmosphere in the stadium, especially when your team is winning.  And coming off the past few victories the Mets have had, I expect a tremendous group out at Shea.

Let’s Go Mets!

All Wright Now

David Wright powered the Mets to a 8 to 4 victory over the Dodgers last night.  His two home runs and four RBI lead the Mets way to their third consecutive victory, the first time they’ve hit a winning streak of three since April 26 through 29.  Claudio Vargas earned his second win of the season.

Wright got the Mets going in the third with his first of two two-run homers.  Then in the fourth when the inning seemed to be over, catcher interference was called on Russell Martin and the inning extended with only two outs.  From there, Jose Reyes got a single, followed by a Luis Castillo double that allowed two runs to score after a throwing error, only followed by Wright second homer.

Vargas hit a little rough patch after the big inning, only allowing the Dodgers to get back into a little.  Not much came from it, as Endy Chavez and Brian Schneider provided back to back daggers with RBI singles in the seventh, make it an 8 to 4 ball game which didn’t change from there.

The most alarming thing from last night’s game is that all eight runs came with two outs.  Try to wrap your head around that Mets fans.  This team, who seems incredibly inept with runners on and two outs, found their way to get eight across in those situations.  Great job.

People can comment on how David Wright isn’t “feeling”, but one-third into the season he has 11 home runs and 40 RBI.  I’ll take it.

If anyone was watching the game on SNY as I was, you saw they totally cut to commercial before the catcher interference call was made in the fourth, which forced the Reyes at-bat to be missed.  Bad job by SNY cutting to commercial before team’s even really leave the field.  They also made a little mistake on Sunday during the game on CW11.

But really a great victory.  Things feel a lot better than they did on Monday.  You have to feel good about things as a Mets fan right now, as things seem to be on the up side.  Just stay inspired and keep it going, boys.